NEXTCELL’s ambition to pioneer a gellified cell concept for high-capacity and high-voltage Li-Ion applications directly align with Sustainable Development Goal 9 (SDG9) – Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure. By integrating groundbreaking innovations into key cell components and optimizing manufacturing processes for future gigafactories, NEXTCELL aims to revolutionize the Li-Ion cell landscape promoting innovation and enhancing industrial infrastructure within the energy storage sector.

The project’s strategic focus on reducing manufacturing costs, ensuring cell safety, and significantly lowering energy consumption speaks directly to SDG9’s objectives of promoting sustainable industrialization and driving technological innovation. NEXTCELL’s commitment to eliminating low-boiling point components for enhanced safety and employing advanced models for gellified cell components underscores the pivotal role of interdisciplinary approaches in accelerating research and development for sustainable energy storage solutions, aligning perfectly with the principles of SDG9.