NEXTCELL’s overarching goal is to provide a new Li-Ion cell generation for both high capacity and high voltage applications by developing and validating a ground-breaking gellified cell concept, integrating several innovations at the material level for each of the main cell components: the gellification of the electrodes and the separator in combination with a high voltage-stable gel electrolyte will allow the development of the full gel cell concept.


NEXTCELL will not only provide the European market with state-of-the-art cells but will also address three key aspects that currently hinder further market penetration of Li-Ion battery technology, such as costs, safety, and sustainability.

High energy density.
Excellent performance in high capacity and high voltage applications.

Physical and mathematical models.
Key methodology to optimise and accelerate the research and development process of new energy storage technologies.

Optimisation of manufacturing processes, reducing capital and operating costs of future gigafactories, by avoiding the evaporation of solvents and the electrolyte filling step.

Reduction of around 50% in energy consumption.

Intrinsically safe cells, avoiding the presence of low-boiling point components in the electrodes and the separator.



Energy consumption reduction


Recycling efficiency


Lithium recovery