The collaborative nature of NEXTCELL, supported by a diverse consortium of 17 partners spanning research centres, universities, consultancy firms, material suppliers, and cell manufacturers across 10 European countries, epitomizes the essence of Sustainable Development Goal 17 (SDG17) – Partnerships for the Goals. This multidisciplinary collaboration aligns perfectly with SDG17’s emphasis on creating partnerships to achieve common objectives, in this case, advancing sustainable energy storage technologies.

The consortium’s variety of expertise from various fields underscores the significance of cross-sectoral collaborations in driving innovation and progress toward shared sustainability goals. By pooling together knowledge, resources, and skills, NEXTCELL embodies the collaborative spirit encouraged by SDG17, showcasing how partnerships between diverse stakeholders across academia, industry, and research sectors are instrumental in accelerating advancements in sustainable energy technologies. This cooperative endeavour not only facilitates the development of groundbreaking solutions but also demonstrates the collective commitment to addressing critical challenges such as costs, safety, and sustainability in Li-Ion battery technology, promoting a more sustainable and resilient energy landscape.