The Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 7 stands to “ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all.” NEXTCELL’s innovative pursuit of a new Li-Ion cell generation directly contributes to this SDG by revolutionizing access to affordable and clean energy. Our gellified cell concept aims to overcome barriers towards the adoption of Li-Ion battery technology by prioritizing cost reduction, safety enhancements, and sustainability in energy storage.

By streamlining manufacturing processes and reducing capital and operating costs for future gigafactories, NEXTCELL ensures more affordable energy storage solutions. Our safety-oriented approach eliminates high-risk components, ensuring safer battery operation (a key factor in promoting reliable and secure access to clean energy). Moreover, our technology’s promise of a significant 50% reduction in energy consumption aligns perfectly with SDG 7’s objective of improving energy efficiency and promoting sustainable energy use for a greener future.