Daniele Campanella, a member of the CIC enerigiGUNE team, one of NEXTCELL’s consortium partners, had the opportunity to present a poster about the project at the Battery 2030+ Annual Conference. This conference occurred in Grenoble (France) on May 28th and 19th, and many of the key actors in the European battery landscape were there.

Battery 2030+ is a major European research initiative aimed at re-establishing Europe’s leadership in battery technology by developing strategic, disruptive technologies. This initiative supports the European Green Deal and the UN Sustainable Development Goals by promoting clean energy and a circular economy in battery manufacturing. It focuses on inventing sustainable, high-performance batteries, advancing new chemistries, and accelerating development through digitalisation and AI. The initiative’s first phase ran from 2020-2023, with a second phase beginning in late 2023 and continuing until 2027.